MediaMelon SDK Integration

Video streaming and advertising analytics for content, viewer and engagement insights.

MediaMelon provides streaming media intelligence and optimisation solutions for streaming services across the globe.

We offer a platform that helps streaming services monitor the performance of their content and make adjustments to improve the viewer experience.

MediaMelon's platform is designed to analyze various metrics related to streaming. This information is used to increase viewer engagement, experience and monetisation.

Select a platform from the below list to start your integration:

MediaMelon also supports both client side and server side Ad Integrations for the following Providers.

How does integration work?

When you integrate MediaMelon powered SDK it automatically captures all supported video playback events and metadata to the backend in the form of heartbeats. The backend then normalises the data received and adds more vital information and converts all the events into Metrics on SmartSight Dashboard.

Media melon has support for most of the popular video players in the market and just in-case if you are using a video player which is not in our list, we have support for Custom Integration.

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