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At Media Melon we revolutionise the world of video analytics. As a leading innovator in the field, we're committed to providing businesses with the most powerful insights to thrive in the digital age.

SmartSight Dashboard

Outstanding customer experience is critical to customer retention. OTT service providers need a clear understanding of end-user satisfaction, usage behavior, and experience - through reporting and analytics - in order to optimize their services. MediaMelon SmartSight is a comprehensive cloud-based analytics solution that provides in-depth, unparalleled reporting using a patent-pending analytics engine.

SmartSight Analytics provides new, previously unavailable insights regarding Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE) and cost control with quantifiable results that can extend viewer engagement and help monetize viewer behavior with relevant advertising partnerships. MediaMelon’s SmartSight™ Analytics technology collects and mines extensive real-time performance data and offers this data in the form of analytics reports to customers.

Available as a cloud-based service from MediaMelon SmartSight Analytics is a highly scalable and resilient platform with fully redundant software and hardware compo­nents. This comprehensive OTT monitoring solution enables service providers to develop deeper insights into user behavior, and engagement while providing the intelligence to forecast future requirements, make more effective business decisions and leverage this data to generate new revenue streams.

Following are the core feature of our product suite.

Insights Dashboard

Additional Product Features

Multi-dimensional analysis

Capability to conduct elaborate analysis with respect to several attributes of the video stream, such as the video asset, the device used to play the stream, the viewer location etc. The analytics APIs offer support to build complex queries across dimensions in order to provide precise, circumstantial information, such as the buffering ratio of assets played by a given player from a given type of device, by combining the asset, device and player dimensions.


Provision to perform custom aggregation of data, based on a given metric or dimension. A combination of the following three Request Parameters can be used to control aggregation.

Request Parameter



When set to 1, performs aggregation by grouping records with the same timestamp.


Performs aggregation by grouping unique values of the metric or dimension specified. Enabled only when count=1 and agg=1.


When set to 1, performs aggregation by grouping records with the same primary key values.


Provision to filter results based on a given metric value.

Request Parameter



Simple filter

filter=<metric><filter_type><<value> where <filter_type> is one of:

  • = equal to

  • != not equal to

  • < less than

  • > greater than

  • ~ substring

To search for multiple values of a metric, separate the values with |


To search on multiple metrics, seperate the searches with a ,



Provision to paginate results. The following two parameters are used to control pagination.

Request Parameter



The number of rows to be returned.


The starting row index in the result. Valid values for index begin with 1. The value 0 disables pagination.


Provision to sort results on a given metric or dimension. The following two parameters are used to control sorting.

Request Parameter



One of ASC or DESC to sort by ascending or descending order respectively. Defaults to ascending order if not specified.


The name of metric or dimension to be sorted on. If the field mentioned is not present in the list of metrics queried, unsorted results are returned.

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