Smartsight Error API

Mediamelon's Smartsight Error API provides access to verbose data and dimensions associated with playback errors, helping you optimize your streaming services for a better user experience.

Welcome to the Error API documentation for Mediamelon, the premier provider of streaming analytics solutions. Our Smartsight Error API not only provides access to verbose data about playback errors during streaming, but also offers access to various dimensions associated with playback that can provide more context about the errors. By leveraging these dimensions, you can gain deeper insights into the nature of errors and better understand the factors that contribute to playback issues. This document will guide you through the process of integrating our Smartsight Error API into your system, and help you make the most of the dimensions and error data that it provides. With this information at your fingertips, you can optimize your streaming services and provide your users with a superior viewing experience.

The structure of the API is as follows

// Error API Structure
<Customer ID>?period=start%3D<start epoch time stamp in mS> ,end%3D
<end epoch time stamp in mS>&filter=<dimension1>%3D<value1>,<dimension2>%3D<value2>&offset=<starting record number>&
limit=<total records to display>

An example would be

// Example API call

// The response would be in JSON

      "q":"custId:159268936 AND timestamp:[1679769000 TO 1679855400] AND (key:\"AD_VAST_ERROR\") AND (player:\"iOSNativePlayer_10.0\")",
      "error":" Ad Error VAST ",
      "adserver":"Facebook Audience Network",
      "timestamp_dt":"Sat Mar 25 21:10:05 UTC 2023",
      "expire_at_dt":"Sun Apr 02 21:10:05 UTC 2023",
      ...... 9 more responses

Filter Dimensions

// Using adserver , player and videoID  as filters,end%3D1679855400&filter=adserver%3DAdSense,player%3DiOSNativePlayer_10.0,videoID%3D1404&offset=0&limit=10

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